Watec’s WAT-902 series camera has been UPGRADED!

In replacing our 902H legacy series, the mission was clear, but not easy.. build the ultimate low light camera that would accommodate the most popular video interfaces in use today. While we couldn’t build one miniature camera that would satisfy 4 separate video types, we built 4 separate cameras each designed to accommodate a specific interface, providing you options to meet nearly any project requirement. Watec not only developed an analog replacement (WAT-3500), but also a full HD IP (WAT-933IP) option, an SDI (WAT-3200) option and a USB (WAT-07U2 series) option. These new series models not only outperform the 902H series in low light gathering capabilities, but are also fully adjustable, allowing you the capability to customize your cameras to your project demands.

WAT-902 replacement WAT-933IP side by side image
Watec’s new WAT-933IP camera (network camera) is rated at 0.0001lux in FULL HD, introducing a new level to your low light viewing experience! Utilizing the power of high definition provides the ultimate clarity in line sharpness and gives the viewer precision accuracy in image recognition.. all while in, NO LIGHT environments. This camera comes equip with onboard recording capabilities via up to a 400GB mini SD card. Three different video streaming options are designed to allow you the ability to adjust resolution based on recording requirements, while viewing in full HD. With a built-in microphone for audio options and the ability to accommodate several different types of external mics as well, this camera has it all!

For additional information please contact an Aegis sales representative today at (760-729-2026). Our staff is technically trained and offers advanced support with on-site sales staff and engineers.

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