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Block Cameras

Explore the Best in Block Camera Technology

Aegis offers Standard Definition, High Definition, 4K Ultra High Definition, and Micro Block Cameras. Block cameras are a diverse group. Since block cameras aren't limited to a specific interface and can be custom-designed with add-on components and assemblies, block cameras can be difficult to categorize.

Ultra Zoom Block Cameras: Revolutionizing Precision Imaging

Ultra zoom block cameras offer exceptional precision in imaging, with up to 40x zoom capabilities. This feature makes them perfect for detailed observation in various fields. Whether it's monitoring wildlife or inspecting intricate machinery, these cameras ensure every detail is captured with clarity. Even in low-light conditions, the image quality is superior due to the combination of high-resolution output and low lux performance. This makes ultra zoom block cameras a versatile choice for numerous applications, including security surveillance, traffic monitoring, and space exploration. They provide users with the ability to see finer details from a distance, enhancing both the efficiency and quality of their work.

Best HD Module Zoom Cameras: Clarity Meets Flexibility

When it comes to capturing high-definition content, the best HD module zoom cameras stand out. Offering zoom ranges from 3x to 30x, they cater to diverse imaging needs. These cameras are designed to deliver crisp, high-quality video in various environments, making them ideal for broadcasting, medical imaging, and educational purposes. Their compact design allows for seamless integration into different systems without sacrificing performance. These cameras are especially beneficial in settings like telemedicine, online education, and legal proceedings, where clear visual communication is crucial. With their blend of quality and adaptability, the best HD module zoom cameras are more than just imaging devices; they're indispensable tools in modern visual communication.

Aegis Electronic Group, Inc. offers a complete line up of block cameras. These 4K, HD & SD module zoom cameras come in the traditional block, as well as micro formats. Block Cameras offer incredible zoom capabilities (up to 40x), high resolutions and low lux. Block Cameras are an excellent choice for a variety of applications including: UAV gimbals, medical carts, telemedicine, remote learning, courtrooms, wearables, police cars, sewer applications and more. Additionally, Block Cameras offer affordability due to the incorporated lenses. For additional information and technical support for your design needs contact an Aegis sales representative. Our staff is technically trained and we offer advanced support with our on site engineers.

HD Block Cameras

A wide range of high performance HD and Full HD OEM CMOS camera modules, ranging from 3x-30x zoom.

4K Block Cameras

Compact, high performance OEM camera modules with 4 times the resolution of Full High Definition (1080p) video

Interface Boards

Interface Boards For HD Block Cameras 


Standard Definition Block Cameras

A wide range of high performance NTSC and PAL OEM CCD camera modules, ranging from 10x-40x zoom.