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lyricsmetro is an educational platform that offers content more than just academics. Here we provide you the best study material, study strategies, proper guidance, the latest CBSE news & updates, and content for your self-development.

lyricsmetro is one of the most loved websites by students. We at lyricsmetro create content for students related to academics and more than academics too. The content we provide is well researched and we try to bring the quality that no one else does.

Currently, Lara Doko – The Founder of lyricsmetro, creates and manages the content and its delivery alone. We create content on our Youtube channel too. Surely you can subscribe to our YouTube Channel – lyricsmetro to get the latest video updates.

We create animated video lectures on the lyricsmetro youtube channel, you will get the latest CBSE updates and best study tips and study hacks to ace your academic part of life. We are now trying to expand the type the content we create, focusing on the overall development of students also trying to develop a deeper connection between the people who follow us, through our exciting vlogs.

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